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The classroom’s
no longer in the classroom

Where and how students learn,
and teachers teach, has changed.

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    Flexible technology solutions means education is no longer limited to time or place. Just like hybrid work, schools are determining how best to serve their students, teachers and staff in this connected world.

    As classrooms evolve and change, technology solutions adapt to empower teachers and students with video, voice and content-sharing products that deliver exceptional learning experiences wherever they find themselves.


    Students are seamlessly mixing physical and remote lessons. Our solutions bring the classroom to them with professional-grade noise-cancelling headsets and plug-and-play video which means they don’t miss a thing.


    Audio and video solutions keep pace with the hectic day-to-day demands, while the tech remains easy to use, intuitive and delivers what you need, when you need it – from blocking out unwanted noise to seamlessly sharing content and intelligently tracking the speaker.


    Many of these solutions feature speaker tracking technology that allows teachers to move freely around as they would in their classroom. This worry-free feature lets them focus on teaching, not the tech. Either teaching virtually or physically, the tools deliver a rich learning experience for everyone.

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